Business Card

Melody & Metronome

CLIENT // Chandler Fugate-laus


After the design of Melody & Metronome’s Logo, the client wanted a set of business cards that did two things. First, they needed to be playful but still appropriate for her target consumer. We created a custom graphic for the back that was later used in the building of the website.


DESIGN // Business Card

The front of the business card had the client’s contact information, as well as title. The back of the card served to educate her new consumer. The illustration for the back was used later in her website as a subtle infographic of the practice instruments Melody & Metronome offered.


For the website, we highlighted the graphic we made. I also did an entire commercial lifestyle photo shoot, instead of doing stock imagery, with limited depth of field to give a dreamy/creative quality. See the completed website here.