Kelsey Lakia


Professional Photographer, Designer, & Social Media Guru with a background in International Marketing & Commercial Design.


Innovate visual designs and integrate brand messages across traditional print and online media to stimulate superior interaction, recognition, and actionable results for the brand.


AIR CREATIVE GROUP – Mandurah, AUS – Graphic Design, Commercial Photography, Marketing for Small Businesses, Start-ups, & Non-Profits (1+ yrs.). IN LACE PHOTOGRAPHY – Global – Wedding, portrait, and boudoir studio (7+ yrs.). R&A MARKETING – Ohio, USA – Project Management services for 20+ clients, worked to push over 50+ pieces of creative through the proofing process to production (>1 yrs.). INDEPENDENT CONSULTING – USA – Marketing consulting services to other wedding professionals; creating websites, email campaigns, social media integration, and occasional copywriting/graphic design services (3+ yrs.). ZULILY – Ohio, USA –  Commercial Photo Editing as an AM Editorial Photo Editor for Seattle and Ohio. I excelled in managing workloads and creating opportunities to expand their creative assets in my work with MIO (Multi Image Optimization) for Ohio-based events (1 yrs.).


INDEPENDENT FREELANCE – USA – Commercial arts industry since 2009, as a production assistant for major fashion shoots for DSW, Justice, Express (1 yrs.). Art directed and photographed fashion editorials for publications like Exalta, Dimension, Haute, etc (3+ yrs.). Freelance Commercial Photo Editor for magazines, professional photographers, and corporations like Layne Bryant and Zulily (4+ yrs.) .